EventGrove will provide Clubs a fundraising platform to accept donations, create online events, register for events, merchandising, ticketing, use of credit cards online and in person.  Click READ MORE below for the schedule of training events on how to use all aspects of EventGroove.  Please place the dates below on your calendar.  All sessions will be at 7 pm via Zoom.  ADVANCE registration is required for each session.  If you are not sure that this would be of use to your Club attend the 1st training on January 25th when the entire program will be explained.
There is no cost to use EventGroove with the exception of Credit Card processing fees and platform usage fees.  It is estimated all in to be less than 5% - (less expensive than anything else we have seen).
JANUARY 25, 2021
EventGroove – Introduction, overview and Getting Started
FEBRUARY 1, 2021
Fundraising – Programs and Campaigns
FEBRUARY 8, 2021
Fundraising – Campaign Types/Structure – Deep Dive
FEBRUARY 15, 2021
Fundraising – Managing Campaigns
FEBRUARY 22, 2021
Events – Introduction to Creating Events