Statement of Conduct for Working With Youth

Rotary International strives to create and maintain a safe environment for all youth who participate in Rotary activities. To the best of their ability, Rotary members, their partners, and other volunteers must safeguard the children and young people with whom they come into contact and protect them from physical, sexual, and psychological abuse.

All Rotarian and non-Rotarian volunteers interested in working with, participating in service projects with, or in any other way coming into contact in their capacity as a Rotarian with youth, must meet Rotary International and district eligibility requirements.

All Rotarians who will have direct, unsupervised contact in their capacity as a Rotarian with youth must:
  • Complete a volunteer application form.
  • Undergo a criminal background check.
  • Not be included in any sex offender registry.
  • Be interviewed by the District Youth Protection Officer or District Governor.
  • Provide a list of personal references with contact information (references must not include family members and no more than one Rotarian).
From the adjacent Files folder you can access and download:
Rotary International Youth Protection Guide: Provides an overview and details of Rotary International's Youth Protection policies.
Youth Protection Policy Statement D7475: This document provides a basic framework for a district policy for all youth programs.  Participants in Rotary Youth Exchange will also be required to comply with additional requirements established by Rotary International and the Eastern States Student Exchange (ESSEX).
Youth Protection Club Compliance Statement D7475: This Statement must be signed by the president of every club in District 7475 that participates in any youth program or activity, including but not limited to Rotary Youth Exchange, Interact, RYLA, scholarship programs or other local youth programs or events.  The signed statement must be submitted to the District Governor.
Youth Protection Reporting Guidelines D7475: This document contains the guidelines and the reporting and management procedures that must be followed following any observation or report of abuse or harassment in any program or event involving youth.  Rotary International and District 7475 are committed to protecting the safety and security of all youth program participants and will not tolerate abuse or harassment. All allegations will be taken seriously and must be handled within the guidelines contained in this document.
Youth Protection Volunteer Application D7475: This document must be completed and submitted by any Rotarian or Rotaract member who wants to be involved with any Rotary youth program or activity.
Please watch this link to a Youth Protection statement by Rotary International President Gordon McInally:  Presentation Link