Joining Rotary To Give Back

When we answered the knock on our front door, friendly Rotarians were there with a surprise for us:
Nutley Rotary had named our son Tyler as their 2012 Rotary Scholar and granted him a generous college scholarship!
That personal touch, as well as the honor, was a special Rotary moment.
Over the next few years, I thought about joining Nutley Rotary, but it wasn’t until I met Rotarian Barbara Hirsch at the Nutley Farmers Market Civic Pride Day that I started to discover how amazing Rotary is.
I learned that Rotary is a service organization which provides help for the community and the world through small and large projects. Nutley Rotarians are people of action who had a part in two water projects in Mexico and Africa!
That’s when I decided to join, as I have a big interest in helping with the water crisis in the world.
As a Rotarian, I have learned that Rotary has been instrumental in eliminating Polio in the world, a goal which has almost been achieved. I love that my charity is the Rotary Foundation and the Rotary Polio fund, and that my donations go toward global projects like providing clean water and helping mothers and children, as well as local projects like food insecurity in my town.
I have enjoyed attending leadership trainings, conferences and international conventions, learning all I can about Rotary. Last year I volunteered to be President of our club, yes, during Covid, and we were able to accomplish a community service project each month.
If you want to learn more, check out your local Rotary club, and if you're in Nutley, stop by and see us!