Rotary District 7475 Service Foundation, Inc.
With the merger of Districts 7510 and 7470 in to 7475, the Rotary District 7470 Foundation and the Capital District Foundation were combined into the Rotary District 7475 Foundation, subsequently re-named the Rotary D7475 Service Foundation. All functions historically carried on by either of the two former foundations are now under the Rotary D7475 Service Foundation name.
The Rotary D7475 Service Foundation exists to give clubs and the district the benefits of a tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization. District events, such as the District Wide Raffle, Rotary Youth Leadership Awards, Ameritex Fundraiser, and the Japanese Youth Exchange, are among those covered.
Club events may also be covered when clubs need the benefits of our 501(c)(3) for corporate donations, or when clubs have a charitable project that is eligible for tax exemption, such as disaster relief, veteran assistance, fundraisers, and similar projects. An application with cover letter (in the menu at left) must be submitted and approved by the Board of Trustees before the Foundation can assist the club.
For further information about the Foundation and eligible District or Club projects, contact Foundation Chair Joe Steiner - or Treasurer Michael Townley - email
Additional information and application forms are on this website and listed at left.