David McMillan, one of the Districts Global Scholars for Rotary year 2023–2024 has sent us a wonderful report on his activities and studies at the University of Oxford.  Click here and see how your Annual Fund giving is helping us to support these scholars and thus make the world a better place.  The District awarded two Global Scholarships last year.   Stay tuned for another report from 2nd lieutenant US Army Vani Verma who is studying at University College in London.
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David McMillian Report
As one of the two Global Rotary Scholarship recipients from Rotary District 7475, this letter aims to update you on my time in Oxford. Since September 2023, I’ve been a student at the University of Oxford where I’ve been studying for a master’s degree in criminology and criminal justice; I’ve greatly enjoyed meeting Rotarians in the Thames Valley (District 1090) and I’m glad to share that I’ve already become a familiar face at Pangbourne Rotary club meetings. In total, I’ve had the opportunity to speak with Rotarians from (around) a dozen Rotary districts. This has included speaking at both district and club events; in particular, I particularly liked moderating a panel on international peace at a recent Rotary conference. Over the next few months, I’ll be making trips to different Rotary clubs based in the Thames Valley to speak about topics related to peacebuilding and conflict prevention. It has also been heartening to meet other Global Rotary Scholars—from the East Coast to the West Coast—who are focused on improving health, education, environmental, and economic outcomes for those in their communities at home and those living abroad.
My course is going well, and my academic performance has been strong. In my first semester, I took classes on policing (how can policing keep communities safe and respect human dignity?), criminological theory (how can we reduce lethal crime?), research design (how can we design better public policy?), and the death penalty (what are the consequences and future paths to reform?). I received the highest category of marks for all of my courses, so I am on track to graduate with a distinction (the highest honours). In recognition of my contributions at Oxford so far, The Centre for Criminology awarded me a supplemental £5,000 scholarship and my college, St. Cross College, also awarded me a £5,000 scholarship. While at Oxford, I founded a start-up company with another Oxford student (who is studying for a doctoral degree in physics); our company is focused on reducing the costs of remittances—international payments that migrants send home to their friends and families—to promote economic development in the developing world. The start-up has been accepted into the University’s incubator and we’re actively incorporating the start-up in the U.S. While at Oxford, I’ve enjoyed attending bi-weekly academic colloquia on topics related to peace and conflict prevention; I’ve tried to make the most of the wonderful guest lecturers that the faculty invites to campus.
My experience at Oxford has been, perhaps, the most transformative experience of my life; I am forever indebted to Rotary and Rotarians in New Jersey for making this educational experience possible. I look forward to returning to New Jersey in August, sharing my experiences with Rotarians in New Jersey, and I welcome any opportunities to become further involved with Rotary upon my return.
Best wishes,
David McMillan